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“Mr. Healy writes so well that he tends to transcend the cliches…The plotting is impeccable, and everything comes together to make BLUNT DARTS one of the outstanding first mysteries of the year.” The New York Times Book Review


“Healy’s writing is skilled and seemingly effortless, and Cuddy emerges as an original.” The Washington Post Book World


“Healy’s prose is some of the crispest around…He has what it takes.” Boston Magazine


“Cuddy’s sleuthing techniques are exciting and unusual.” New York Magazine


“One of the most impressive new talents we’ve run across in some time…Healy’s people are so vividly drawn that even the most minor characters seem to climb right off the pages and into your living room. Nor does Healy stint on plot or action.” The Denver Post


“Spenser, move over!…I found myself reading slowly, unable to put the book down, yet reluctant to get to the end.” The Chicago Sun-Times


“Healy’s John Francis Cuddy may be the Boston private eye of choice…Healy offers a hard-hitting plot full of clever twists and turns. For readers who like the hard-boiled style shorn of any nouvelle flourishes…Cuddy is the name to remember.” [The American Library Association’s] Booklist


“Healy’s gutsy style is a refreshing throwback.” The Philadelphia Inquirer


“Besides being one of the toughest of the current breed of detective hero, this stand-up guy is also one of the most sensitive. That’s a tricky combination to throw, but Healy has a great eye and a very steady hand.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer


“Healy’s detective, John Francis Cuddy, is human, likeable and tough in the best sense of the word.” Newsday


“The plot has a real surprise at the end of it…: a promising, even brilliant debut.” Julian Symons, The London Times Literary Supplement




“THE STAKED GOAT is tightly written and a pleasure to read.” Robert B. Parker


“A powerful story…The tension never lets up…Brilliantly and excitingly engineered.” The New York Times


“THE STAKED GOAT is a taut thriller that grabs you and sets you running alongside its protagonist until you, like Cuddy, slump exhausted at the book’s end.” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution


“Even with advance warning you’ll be totally unprepared for the final three pages…THE BEST NOVEL OF THE YEAR.” The Denver Post


“Fresh and intriguing…characters so real you care about them.” Tony Hillerman




“Strange and wonderful…Cuddy earns the status of new, favorite series hero. The author’s gifts include an unerring eye and ear that invest all the characters with life.” Publishers Weekly


“Fresh and bizarre…SO LIKE SLEEP is [Healy’s] best yet.” The Washington Post Book World


“Well-paced and absorbing, enlivened by a slew of gritty characters and sharply realized locales, SO LIKE SLEEP is Healy’s best to date.” Kirkus Reviews


“Gripping…lucid…Cuddy himself is a well-imagined hero with a good bit of charm.” The Boston Globe


“One of the best-written series in the field today.” The Bloomsbury Review


“In SO LIKE SLEEP the plot is, as usual, neatly constructed and the figures sharply incised.” William Weaver, The [London] Financial Times


“Cuddy is an appealing addition to the growing number of Boston detectives…The ending is a shocker.” Library Journal


“Jeremiah Healy moves into the top ranks of private eye writers.” The Orlando Sentinel




“Heavy on violence, street language, and colorful characters you wouldn’t bring home to mother…SWAN DIVE is the best of the Cuddy series.” Kirkus Reviews


“A sizzling new mystery…drives to a knockout finish. A beguiling sense of humor, ingenious plotting and avoidance of shallow sentimentality are traits that take Healy’s novels to the top.” Publishers Weekly


“With SWAN DIVE, Healy cements his position as the best private eye writer Boston has to offer–and it’s a city of many writers.” The Orlando Sentinel


“Fast and enjoyable.” The New Yorker


“Up-to-date in its cocaine-dealing background, its street-smart dialogue…A clever book.” The New York Times


“Healy writes with intelligence and with a sense of humor…This is very good stuff.” The Minneapolis Star Tribune


“Healy is one of the most appealing writers in the business.” The Boston Globe




“Conspicuously well-written…Mr. Healy goes in for complicated plots with moral undertones and tricky endings, which is all to the good here. All to the better are his blunt but not unfeeling studies of the flawed humanity that makes its home in cities like Nasharbor.” The New York Times Book Review


“Jeremiah Healy’s reputation for clever plots and memorable characters does not suffer in YESTERDAY’S NEWS, a chilling tale of moral and civic corruption in a seedy Massachusetts coastal town.” The Washington Post


“YESTERDAY’S NEWS is Healy’s best…Richly textured, complex but lucid, with a vivid rogues’ gallery…and a tender-tough sleuth.” Kirkus Reviews


“Rough humor, strange characters and chilling events. A top-notch suspense thriller [that] rivets the reader…” Publishers Weekly


“Healy remains one of the most consistently interesting writers in the genre.” The Chicago Tribune


“Healy looks ready to join the honors class of private eye writers that includes Robert B. Parker.” USA TODAY


“Solid and intricately plotted, with dialogue peppered by a ribald and thrifty wit. Not a wasted word, not a foot put wrong in this exemplary thriller.” Philip Oakes, The [London] Literary Review




“Healy’s pulsing story and colorful characters deliver the kind of pleasure we expect from first-rate fiction, but he deepens our satisfaction in RIGHT TO DIE by spinning his tale through a complex world of competing ideals and hard choices…Cuddy himself is as basic Boston as a three-decker, [and] the suspense…flows electrically…Is anyone painting more evocative pictures of the city’s seasonal moods than Robert B. Parker, William G. Tapply, and Jeremiah Healy?” The Boston Sunday Globe


“Healy has always excelled at dialogue, tight metaphors…and oblique characterizations…Here he turns his plot development up a notch, creating a balanced but mobile tale that twists and turns…RIGHT TO DIE [is] outstanding…One of today’s best American mystery series [and] one of the best mysteries of the year.” The Chicago Sun-Times


“Healy describes in large and engrossing detail Cuddy’s training for and running in the Boston Marathon. The you-are-there agony of it gets off the page and into the reader’s own trembling underpinnings.” The Los Angeles Times


“RIGHT TO DIE is…not to be missed if you’re interested in a sense of place, a character with depth and definition, and motives that hit all-too-human chords.” The Orange County [California] Register


“Jeremiah Healy’s plots intrigue, his characters convince, his suspense excites. As he proves here again, that’s a hard combination to beat. The San Diego Union


“A fastidious stylist, Mr. Healy writes a smooth opening…and a satisfying conclusion…A classy detective series.” The New York Times Book Review




“The seventh Cuddy mystery maintains the series’ excellent standard. Motives ring true, the dialogue is sharp, and the characters all could exist outside their lives in print. Strongly recommended.” [The American Library Association’s] Booklist


“Taut and tough…the private-eye novel as it should be written…a story that hits the ground running…” The San Diego Union-Tribune


“SHALLOW GRAVES is a powerful, poignant story that holds the reader’s attention from first page to last. Sensitive and charming, John Cuddy might be a man’s man, but he’s definitely a woman’s P.I. and the best of the Boston detectives.” Rave Reviews


“Incisive character work…goes along with Mr. Healy’s mousetrap timing and tight plotting…A superior series.” The New York Times Book Review


“As in past books, Healy gives his readers an array of distinctive characters while engaging them in a deftly plotted and satisfying story.” Publishers Weekly


“SHALLOW GRAVES is up to the high standards Healy has set in his hero’s six previous outings…Vividly realized characters are a main attraction of Healy’s writing, and the Mafia family is chock-full of them…The plot is a winner, too, with enough potential murder motives, different avenues of investigation and red herrings to keep it an intriguing, genuine mystery until Healy weaves the threads into a tight conclusion.” The Orange County [California] Register


“Healy’s series maintains its consistently high quality, with wonderful minitours of New England, a host of delightful characters, and best of all the irrepressible Cuddy.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Believable characters, tricky and suspenseful plotting with a dash of romance, and a powerful ending–the ingredients of a very good novel. Healy has put together a whodunit that rivals…Elmore Leonard and Lawrence Sanders.” The Copley [Boston] News Service


“The ending, as surprising as endings ever get, is rich with irony…” The Los Angeles Times




“The eighth detective story in a terrific series…Mr. Healy’s prose grows increasingly eloquent with each trip that…Cuddy takes into the Maine woods…” The New York Times Book Review


“Healy carefully mixes the tough-guy ambience of the Spenser novels with an intricate, multilayered mystery. As always, Cuddy is entertaining and satisfying.” [The American Library Association’s] Booklist


“It’s a true pleasure when you see the work of a writer you’ve admired from the start get steadily stronger. FOURSOME is aces…Healy has created a densely layered, richly detailed and deliciously intriguing mystery–a genuine whodunit…If you want one that’ll keep you involved and guessing right to the final confrontation, don’t miss FOURSOME. Then do yourself a favor and backtrack through the Cuddy catalog.” The Orange County [California] Register


“John Cuddy [is] one of the best of the private eyes…” The San Diego Tribune


“Jeremiah Healy has long been entertaining private-eye fiction fans with his John Francis Cuddy series, and his latest, FOURSOME, is another winner…a powerfully suspenseful…novel that you shouldn’t miss.” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine


“…a winner on several counts. Puzzle fans will appreciate the liberal and skillful scattering of red herrings, all strewn with impeccable fairness. There’s plenty of action for those who like suspense thrillers. Aficionados of characterization will enjoy a plethora of memorable oddballs, all of whom are satisfyingly developed. Healy has been, for the past decade, one of our most reliable P.I. writers, and his detective remains one of the most likeable.” The Criminal Record


“…a thoughtful examination of life as it should be and life as it is, of what makes men civilized, and ultimately of what love is. FOURSOME is a strong entry in a generally excellent series.” Bookpage


“A top-notch mystery with a drop-dead beginning…loaded with red herrings…handled with finesse.” Publishers Weekly


“Healy has carved out a real niche for his eccentric P.I…What makes these books tick is Cuddy’s own blindered gaze on the world…FOURSOME has a great plot and terrific characters…” The Toronto Globe & Mail


“The outcome is dramatic, startling, and as Down East as a pine tree. Healy’s approach is literate and unmannered…” The Los Angeles Times Book Review


“Healy has created a winner–his most intricate plot to date…What is so remarkable about FOURSOME is its unmistakable authenticity. A keen observer who misses little, Cuddy is a very savvy and likeable character. His…sense of humor and insightful questions pepper the pages of this book. The reader feels he’s there–alongside Cuddy. For a vacation to Maine without catching a plane, FOURSOME is definitely the ticket.” The New Mystery Magazine




“A thoroughly engrossing mystery…Jeremiah Healy knows how to involve a reader both emotionally and mentally in a story, and he does a fine job in ACT OF GOD…This is [a novel] that will leave no reader untouched.” Toby Bromberg, The Romantic Times


“Healy’s interesting histories and unexpected revelations put ACT OF GOD in sharp, unsentimental perspective.” Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review


“ACT OF GOD marks a turning point in Cuddy’s life…It will be very interesting to see where Healy takes Cuddy next.” Sue Feder, Bookpage


“Cuddy demonstrates–with his customary terse wit and pungent observations on human nature–that he is aging very nicely indeed.” Publishers Weekly


“ACT OF GOD is a stellar entry in an always challenging and entertaining series…” Wes Lukowsky, [The American Library Association’s] Booklist


“Sparkling…ACT OF GOD is a fine entertainment and a superb addition to the Cuddy canon. Of the…P.I.’s based in Boston, Cuddy is easily the classy leader of the pack.” Don Sandstrom, Mystery News


“Through [his series], Jeremiah Healy, a law professor who writes splendid plot lines, has developed his own version of the lone American hero.” Aric Press, Newsweek


“Jeremiah Healy is [a member] of the latest generation of hard-boiled detective writers to be acknowledged as one of [Raymond] Chandler’s heirs…ACT OF GOD is an excellent book…Healy is one of the best writers of P.I. tales and has reaffirmed it here.” Barry Gardner, Mostly Murder


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