From Jerry . . .

Otto Penzler’s Mysterious Press and Jane Friedman’s Open Road Media have expressed enough confidence in the strength and depth of my backlist to bring out, in e-book format, the first nine of my John Francis Cuddy private-investigator novels. Cuddy is a Vietnam veteran who survives the Tet Offensive in Saigon only to return home to Boston and lose his young wife to cancer; he stays faithful to her, even to visiting her grave and “talking” with her.

I believe strongly that our bricks-and mortar bookstores should be patronized and, as a result, supported. However, the first Cuddy Novels have long been out-of-print and I’m delighted to have them available again. Though I’ve written a series of legal thrillers (under the pseudonym “Terry Devane”), and even a few stand-alone thrillers, the Cuddy Character appeared in my first published crime novel, Blunt Darts and as a writer, I’ve always felt closest to him.

Ihope you’ll enjoy spending time with him as much as I have.


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