Mairead O’Clare Legal Thrillers

Mairead O’Clare Legal Thrillers

Written as “Terry Devane”


UNCOMMON JUSTICE:  Disillusioned with large firm practice in Boston, Mairead O’Clare throws in with Sheldon Gold, an older criminal defense attorney, to represent a self-anointed “Irish hermit” accused of murder.

E-book Penguin 2012, original hc: Putnam, 2001; pb: Berkley, 2002
JUROR NUMBER ELEVEN:  When a juror in a murder trial is killed after a not-guilty verdict, the prosecution and police suspect Mairead O’Clare of bribery and homicide.

(hc: Putnam, 2002; pb: Berkley, 2003)
A STAIN UPON THE ROBE:  Shel Gold represents a superior court judge and law-school classmate who, while presiding over a priest-rape trial, fears she may become involved in a scandal similar to the Gary Condit/Chandra Levy one.

(hc: Putnam, 2003)

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